Team Eager has a brand new website! Over the last few months we have built a brand new website from the ground up that includes news, video content, team and match information, and a Smite Picks and Bans Simulator. Currently match information is only available for the PC Smite team, but we are looking to expand its functionality further.

Today we are extremely excited to announce our first expansion outside of HiRez Studio games. Hearthstone has surprisingly taken the gaming and eSports world by storm with over 30 million people who play the game.

It's with great pride that we announce the Eager Paladins team has managed to secure their place in the Dreamhack qualifier playoffs. After a heartbreaking loss in week 1 to Warpath Gaming in the semis, they returned in full force crushing through the opposition in week 2. With a clear and decisive series pushing themselves to a 3-1 victory over Warpath during this week's finals, they overcame their struggles representing the spirit of eGr in top form!



Owner/Smite PC Hunter



In Week 8 Eager take on Luminosity and Soar G2A.

Eager bring home the victories against Team Allegiance in this 2-0 set.

Eager go heads up against Denial eSports in this 1-1 set.


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